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 Filming children in a village in Uganda

For as long as I can remember I have been interested in photography. I got my first camera at a very early age, I think around 10, and have been carrying a camera with me ever since.

I studied photography in college and work professionally creating portraits and marketing photos, but my true love is with nature and landscapes. I find peace in nature, away from all the noise of the modern world, and try to capture the scenes that often are overlooked or overshadowed by the larger view. I also enjoy creating abstract digital composites using nature as my brush, combining multiple photos of a river flowing or grass blowing in the breeze to create a unique perspective of nature.

With photographs, it’s easy to print off another copy for another buyer, or to set a “limited edition” but with a number anywhere from 200 to 1000 prints. I limit each of my photos to editions of only 12 (plus 3 artists proofs) so you can be sure you are purchasing an artwork that not everyone else will be able to own. All of my prints are made using the highest quality materials and techniques and with proper care will last for generations.